Hello Players, Members and Supporters,
It is with great pleasure that I find myself as your re-elected President for 2021.
I would like to acknowledge and thank the 2020 committee that were aptly led by the Executive team. The entire team worked extremely hard throughout the 35th year of our club. This year we welcome two new Executive members in our Secretary, Rachel Whitehead and Treasurer, Fleur Michaels. Both have hit the ground running and are working extremely hard with our small Committee to get our kids on the field.
Once again, the aim of the 2021 committee is to ensure that the off-field support is of the highest standard to enable the on-field success to continue for our competitive age groups but also being able to provide appropriate support for the younger age groups i.e. our clubs future.  
A key area that we will work towards is the financial security of the business side of our club. This means that we will review all expenses and income to ensure best business practice and ensure we have the financial freedom to continue to support our players and members as effectively as possible. We have continued to work hard on establishing relationships with local businesses as well as some nationally recognised names. Please, if you or someone you know has a local business that would like exposure to our 400+ families, friends and the community around the Sunshine Coast and beyond please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the club.
We will have a large focus on information sharing through transparency of the clubs management processes provided it is operationally appropriate to do so and there is no privacy concerns. There will be a high level of involvement from the team Manager’s in 2021 and I encourage our returning and new supporters to start thinking about your role with your child’s team and consider taking up one of the
volunteer positions as soon as possible. Without our support, our kids can’t play. The continued challenges that COVID produces have become part of normal life and after establishing a lot of safe controls to ensure our kids can play the game they love we, as a club, are in the best position possible.
I would like to welcome back our returning committee and our new members for 2021, without you the club cannot be as successful in developing our children’s future. I would at this point like to encourage anyone wishing to participate in the operational side of the club to please see us at your convenience to discuss what you may be able to bring to the team. We are looking for hard working, committed volunteers that don’t mind sacrificing a small portion of your time at the club to ensure your children have the best experience possible. What we aren’t after is passive or idle volunteers that just come for the ride and do not roll up the sleeves, many hands do make light work in most situations. Lastly, and most importantly, I would like to formally acknowledge the outgoing Executive members in Kimmy May and Meredith White. I am extremely excited that these amazing ladies have stayed on as Assistants to their previous roles which is fantastic to ensure their knowledge and experience isn’t lost to the club. You have both been integral in implementing better systems and procedures to ensure all our volunteers and members are supported the best they can be. Thank you for your effort and commitment of the last couple years!
Once again, welcome to 2021 and I wish you every success for the coming season.
Roger Bretherton
Kawana Junior Rugby League